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needed a place to talk about women's artistic gymnastics.
Apr 6 '14


(Photos: sportgymrus)

Apr 2 '14


Bross is Boss ♥ 

Please comeback, you can do it!

Apr 1 '14


Lauren Mitchell FX - 5.5/13,485/-0.1


Mar 24 '14

Minnesota sophomore Lindsay Mable broke her own school record with a 39.650 all-around score to win the conference title. She also posted a perfect 10.0 on the vault, becoming the second Minnesota gymnast to ever register a perfect score on any event. [x]

Mar 16 '14

BB Results


1. MAKRA, Noémi (HUN) - 13,925 (5,6)
2. KHARENKOVA, Maria (RUS) - 13,850 (5,9)
3. MUNTEANU, Andreea Eugenia (ROU) - 13,750 (6,1)
4. SCHEDER, Sophie (GER) - 13,250 (5,3)
5. JURKOWSKA, Katarzyna (POL) - 13,075 (5,2)
6. AKYOL, Cagla (GER) - 13,050 (5,7)
7. YU, Aleeza (CAN) - 12,825 (5,8)
8. VACULIK, Natalie (CAN) - 12,475 (5,6)

Feb 25 '14

Sophie Scheder Interview.


Question: What was it like to hear that you will be competeing at AC instead of Elisabeth (Eli)?
Sophie: When my coach Gabi Frehse told me that I will be competing at American Cup, I was quite shocked. I  was unsure if I would be ready because its already on the 1st of March. But I will be competing at National Team-Cup a week later so I think it will be good training. I was really happy when I found out!!

Question: Didi you change your preparation?
Sophie: Me and my coach started putting the routines together sooner and “stable training”.

Question: Last year you were at the training camp in Boston. Now you will be competing there in an arena in front of 20.000 people. How does that make you feel?
Sophie: At last years worlds there were about 10.000 people and the atmosphere was amazing. I think the atmosphere will be even better at the American cup and cant wait to compete.

Question: At The American Cup the 8 best gymnasts will be competeing there, what do you think you can achieve?
Sophie: I will try to do my best and show that I am a good substitute for  Eli Seitz.

Question:Last year your best event was UB. At the American Cup you will do AA. Do you have a particular tactic?
Sophie: Not really. My best chance to do clean routines are bars and beam. But its not my first AA competition this year. I need to get back my “competiontion-feeling”.

Question: Are you playing it safe and doing easier but clean routines or will you try to do higher difficulty?
Sophie:No, my routines are mostly the same ones I did at Worlds 2013. Only of floor, if my stamina is good enough, I will do a 2 1/2 twist instead of the double twist.

Question: Will you get some tipps from Fabian Hambüchen? Its your first Wold Cup but he as been to the American Cup a couple of times.
Sophie: I havent spoken to Fabi yet, but Ive talked to Giulia Steingruber from Switzerland. I am the rookie at the American cup and I am inexperienced.

Question: What are your goals after the American Cup? Turnier der Meister and other competitions like Euros and World Championships?
Sophie: I will try to upgrade my routines until worlds. At Euros I probably wont be able to safly do my upgrades. On floor I want to do a Tsukahara, on beam a series with three elements back to back. on bars a Schaposch with half turn.

Question: Any news from your Training?
Sophie: Im training a new move on UB that hasnt been done in WAG yet.

Question: Thats exciting! WHat is it and when will we see it?
Sophie: I cant say what it is. I hope it wilil be ready next year.

Question: You still go to school. How do you manage training for competiotions like AC and school?
Sophie: It is really difficult vor allem, I graduate this year so I have to go to school during the Christmas holidays when the others are on holiday.

Question: Did you think about a competiontion break like Eli Setzt did when she graduated?
Sophie:No. My coach and my teacher asked me if I wanted to repeat this school year and graduate a year latern. But next years Wordls will be the qualifying meet for the next Olympics, that means more stress. So I will graduate this year and will have more time for traingin next year.

Feb 23 '14
Feb 23 '14



Feb 23 '14
Feb 23 '14

despite a sore achilles that had her initially out of the competition, jessica lopez showed up and did AA at the nadia comaneci international invitational last night, including this 14.45 beam set. here’s to hoping 2014 treats her well!